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1 review for Double

  1. anonymous

    While the Double does have a better price point than most other telepresence robots, it doesn’t lack in functionality or design. Using an iPad as the controller, the Double’s Segway like platform is nimble, and the height adjustable neck is convenient so others don’t have to bend over to speak with you. When driving you’re able to pick up the pace by lowering the neck allowing you to hit a cruising speed. It would be nice to figure out an even faster speed, since when I’m following most people, they would often stop for me to catch up.

    Since the Double uses an iPad, you do lack some benefits of an integrated system like noise cancellation or wide angle camera view. It was difficult to hear when standing in the back of a room and we resorted to sign language so as not to cause a disruption, not knowing if I was going to be too loud on the other end. There is a back up camera if you can use to back up into the charging station, which I do suggest purchasing, otherwise someone on the other end will physically have to plug in to recharge you. PROS: Sleek design, Great price point. CONS: Limited to iPad, no Android.

    The Double is a great product. You can get cheaper telepresence robots, but the design and ease of use are great and is an overall good value.

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