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Learn How You Can Save Literally
 Using Telepresence Robots!


Say “Goodbye!” to the costs of travel


Eliminate time wasted on travel


Meet with coworkers for chats.


Be where you want, when you want!


Visit family and friends any time!

Why Buy A Telepresence Robot?

Telepresence robots will help you save money and time.  No more need to pay for airline tickets, rental cars, or hotels when you need to visit another office, warehouse, or store:  Just log in to your telepresence robot and be there.  No more wasting time scheduling a meeting at one of your remote offices:  Just log in and be there as you would in person. 

Meet when you want, verify the layout of a store, talk to your engineers, or even provide on-site tours of your business, school, hospital, or museum.  Students can even attend classes remotely.  Telepresence robots allow you to have an instant presence wherever you want and whenever you want to be there; saving you loads of time and thousands of dollars.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Telepresence Robot?
A telepresence robot is a computer, tablet, or smartphone-controlled robot which allows those who engage with the robot to view and hear the robot’s operator while the operator can view what the robot is “looking” at, as well… LEARN MORE
What is a Stationary Telepresence Robot?
A stationary telepresence robot is, simply put, a robot which itself can not be driven around as other telepresence robots can be. However, stationary telepresence robots have a screen that can be controlled by… LEARN MORE
Are Telepresence Robots HIPAA Compliant?
You may be familiar with a very short, glib response to the question, which says, “Telepresence robots do not need to be HIPAA compliant.” However, the full answer is more complex. If you are familiar with HIPAA, you can skip… LEARN MORE

New Telepresence Robot Reviews

4 years ago
We've had students participate in class virtually with the Double 2 robot. We've had a few times when we set up the robot, and then moved to another WiFi node, and had it disconnect. Other than that, it's been great! We have our's dressed up with a tee shirt on a hanger, and we even had one person pat it on the shoulder when they finished with their conversation and said goodbye. I'd love to hear how people are using this to ease students with anxiety or other disabilities into the general classroom.
4 years ago
The Team from Ohmni Robots have been amazing. Every time I have contacted them they have called back or emailed back in a very timely manner. They have great product info and back up.
4 years ago
The Ohmnni robot is really easy to control through the internet. The mobile version got even better. It's amazing how precisely I can control the robot at such reasonably fast speeds.

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